Capacity Building

Capacity building session
Capacity building session

Global Partners provides tailored training to professionals in agriculture, urban planning, forestry and conservation. Our team has trained more than 400 different stakeholders (faculty members, students, conservationists, and policymakers). Trainees come from West African Countries such as Senegal, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon, Niger, Togo.

Global Partners offers two training modules: Drone Flight Training and Images Processing.

Drone Flight Training:

  • UAS regulations
  • Airspace system and security
  • Operating limitations (height, speed, visibility, and cloud clearance)
  • Flying visual line-of-sight, at night, over people, and moving vehicles
  • Weather and meteorology (wind, air masses, METAR and TAF reports)
  • Flight operations including pre-flight checklist, drone flight basics, flight simulator, hazardous flight operations, emergency operations , lost link procedures
    LiPo Batteries, UAS loading and performance,
    UAS maintenance and inspection, 10 full length practices

Images Processing and Interpretation:

  • Processing of multispectral and RGB imagery
  • NDVI, NDRE, LAI, CAB indices and understanding the relation with plant conditions
  • GIS applications with drones

Global Partners offers the first Drone Pilot Certificate in West Africa