Benin Flying Labs

From 2018 to 2019, Global Partners hosted the Benin Flying Labs and the West African Flying Labs of WeRobotics. The BFL served as a regional knowledge hub where local communities use robotics for social good. We supported other Flying Labs in West Africa with our expertise in solving local challenges and needs with appropriate robotics and AI technologies.

Robots, such as flying and diving drones, and the data they allow to acquire and solutions they propose are radically transforming multiple industries through rapid and dramatic gains in efficiency and productivity. We want to create the same impact in a responsible and meaningful way for the Social Good sector in the West African region by creating local robotics capacity, build up a regional ecosystem and create new jobs through the use of robotics technology and data products. We also address WeRobotics’ global solutions and program tracks locally and regionally.

The Benin Flying Labs was the collaboration of three organizations: WeRobotics with their vision of promoting the use of robotics to address local challenges, Global Partners through their technical and scientific support, and the Benin Government with their institutional support.

We thank all the volunteers and organizations that contributed to make the Benin Flying Labs a success.