We combine drones and satellite imagery with other digital technologies such as smartphones, tablets, and in-field sensors to provide farmers with information about their crops and their soil conditions. Global Partners relies heavily on Artificial Intelligence to develop solutions tailored to small-scale farmers. We use computer vision and deep-learning algorithms to derive knowledge from the data captured with the drones. Our solutions are predictive models to track and predict crop diseases, nutritional and water stresses, and their impacts on yield.

Specifically, we use images collected with drones to allow farmers to:

  • Monitor their crops: density, height, nutritional or water stress
  • Estimate yields
  • Detect soil characteristics
  • Identify and react quicker to threats: weeds, parasites, fungi …
  • Secure farmers’ rights on their land
  • Fertiliser and pesticides variable rate application
  • Predict pest distribution and occurrence (read the case of the Fall Armyworm)